Sunday, 25 April 2010

Hair Today, Gone May 20th?

For some unknown reason, I'd decided to try and do something, off my own bat, to raise money for the residents' "Comfort Fund" at the nursing home where I work.

But what, I asked myself, could I do?

As I am woefully out of shape and have a number of medical problems including (but not limited to) chronic pain & chronic fatigue, which have ramped up my lack of physical fitness. Nothing like running a sponsored marathon was ever going to be a realistic plan for me. If I were being confronted by a hungry bear - I wouldn't be lucky enough for the bear to rip my head clean off, before I even knew of its presence nearby - I'd have to stand my ground and hold out my left leg, hoping all the time that the critter would choke to death before I lost too many joints above the little toe.

Egads, I will not go through every idea I rejected or could have considered. Let's just get on to what I can do. Recently, I've re-discovered the joys of wetshaving - that isn't sarcasm by the way. I can't remember exactly when it was, but I'd guess that it's probably more than a decade ago that I shaved my beard off. So, while I hadn't planned to become clean-shaven by any set deadline, if at all, I decided that maybe I could do just that very thing.

... if my co-workers, visiting contractors, corporate types and regional management staff, friends and family of our residents (or those of any members of the other aforementioned), etc., feel generous enough to sponsor a "shave-off" - then ... I could do just that very thing: I could shave off my face-fuzz for a given date.

That's the plan.

Folks can add their names and the amount of money they want to donate for Thursday, 20th of May, 2010. The hairdresser that visits the homes in our area, has graciously (and perhaps a bit too eagerly), agreed to donate her time, energy and clippers to buzz my chin-fur overgrowth down to the very shortest stubble she can. Then I shall do the rest in the comfort and privacy of my own home, later on.

Also, before the suggestions are put forth, by any more people, no, I am not going to shave my scalp, nor any other sectors of my skin; just the beard/moustache areas.

That's about all for now. Thanks for stopping by.