Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hair Today, Gone May 20th? - Part 2


I've been meaning to post a wee bit of info here online, for most of the past week. If anyone is still paying attention to this space, I apologise for not getting this blogged earlier. ... hey, sadly (sometimes), life happens.

This is for the individuals who expressed a desire to donate / sponsor my big Beard-be-Gone moment on Thursday the 20th  of May, and would still like to do so. 

You can send it by PayPal using my email address:

... just, please, add a note stating that it's a donation (and the name you want the donation attributed to), so that I can figure out, a bit more easily, why money would be going into the account for a change. 
Cheques should be made payable to:

Blenheim Court Care Centre Savings Fund
and sent to the following address:

Shave the Canadian Loon 
c/o Blenheim Court Care Centre
100a Elm Lane
S5 7TW

Thanks, and another thanks to folks that have sent some UK-Bucks money in already. Thanks.

Oh! I also had a second idea for raising money subsequent to this event. I told several of the folks at work that they should collect up and count (with utmost discretion and vigilant security) all of the whiskers that the hairdresser's clippers shear off of me. Then later on they can display them in a jar and 'sell' guesses for how many hairs there were in my beard. 

... nobody seemed too excited about the idea though. Go figure.

Well, thanks for stopping by, and I'll be back at least once more before the day.

Online sponsors so far:
NOTE: If you would prefer not to have your name/link/amount donated etc, listed here, just send let me know which part(s) of your 'line' you don't want seen/posted and I'll blank it/them out.

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