Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Well, it's the evening of the 19th of May 2010. I've trained, and prepped, and psyched myself up for this thing tomorrow lunchtime(-ish), as much as I think I can ... without Dr Jack Kevorkian's help.

I've been practising with my various double edge (DE) razors, brushes (badger, boar, and synthetic – I don't yet own any horsehair or hybrid shaving brushes … yet), soaps and creams and shave oils. I've even made some of my own shave oils and aftershave balms – my Urban Hermit'sAll Agrog bay rum shave oil and its companion, Urban Hermit's Bay Rum Baba Balm aftershave lotion are quite nice, if I do make my own brass section toot.

I'm about as ready as I may ever be. C'mon peaceful-death-whilst-sleeping!if I get some sleep tonight.

You might have noticed I'm not exactly looking forward to this. I am not one to, generally speaking, enjoy being the centre of attention. Perhaps I should have told folks that if there was any 'audience', the deal's off; any photos, the deal's off; any fuss, yes, then the deal's off, etc. etc. etc.
but for some unknown reason, I did not. Stupid bugger!

Well, at least it might give my therapist some joy. … and the residents too, I hope. … and we might even be able to get The Corporation to match the funds raised – making head office pay out money that won't be taken out of our budget. It's almost like having a purpose; short term anyway.

Ah well. Time to stop spreading sunshine about for today. Tomorrow is another day … sadly.

Below is information for the individuals who expressed a desire to donate / sponsor my big Beard's Day Out moment on Thursday the 20th  of May, and would still like to do so, but haven't done so already. Thanks, yet again, for swinging by and yet another 'thanks again' to folks that have sent some spondulicks money in already: “Thanks again.”

I'll be back at least once after the post-operative trauma of the beard-ectomy. I might try and get someone to take photos of the beard before and after; not me - just the beard!

You can send it by PayPal using my email address:

... just, please, add a note stating that it's a donation (and the name you want the donation attributed to), so that I can figure out, a bit more easily, why money would be going into the account for a change.
Cheques should be made payable to:

Blenheim Court Care Centre Savings Fund
and sent to the following address:

Shave the Bearded Loon
c/o Blenheim Court Care Centre
100a Elm Lane
S5 7TW

Sponsors 'external to the home', so far:

  • Geraldine £5.00 
  • Mrs B £5.00 
  • Pike £10.00 (Paid) 
  • Julie F £5.00 (Paid)
  • Jo Gadsen £5.00 
  • Semioticghosts £5.00  
  • Jacquie Milham £5.00   
  • Granny Sylvie & Grampa Brian £10.00

NOTE: If you would prefer not to have your name/link/amount donated etc, listed here, just send let me know which part(s) of your 'line' you don't want seen/posted and I'll blank it/them out.

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